Experienced product & tech leader. I turn ideas into products.

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I'm based in London. If you're here and want to meet for a coffee and talk about tech, get in touch!

Please feel free to email me about anything that I've put out on the web that you'd like to discuss.


Do you have a product idea but no technical cofounder, and need advice on how to get it built? I can help you.

I've built ideas into Minimum Viable Products, including hiring technical teams around them as they've grown, at two seed-stage startups. I can help you do it too.

Think of me as a proto-CTO. You hire me to do the essential jobs of a technical counder, except you don't have to give away any equity. I can advise you on how to build what you want, the effectiveness and feasibility of different technology choices, who you'll need to hire for your first technical team, and how to plan for your MVP and launch.

Please contact me with a description of your idea and current status, and what you'd like me to help with, and I will respond quickly with a straightforward quote. I can accommodate 8 consulting hours per week.

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Open source

Author of react-frontload - a library for loading data into React components on client and server render. Over 100 stars on Github and over 1000 downloads per week on npm.
Contributor to VS Code - Microsoft's open-source code editor. I made a configuration to turn off TypeScript auto-suggest to allow easier integration with Flow tooling.