David Nicholas Williams
I turn ideas into products

Hi, I'm David. I'm interested in creating great products and building businesses around them. I have a technical background. I've led teams building products at two early stage startups that are doing well. Now I'm consulting for companies doing the same.


Open source

343 Github
Async data loading for React components, on client & server
VS Code
103k Github
Improved Flowtype integration
7.7k Github
Added ability to specify Task response content type
Reach Router
6.6k Github
Made query params available in location on server render
React Chart.js 2
3.3k Github
Fixed build issue with minification config


Do you have a product idea but no technical cofounder, and need advice on how to get it built? I can help you.

I've built ideas into MVPs and hired technical teams around them at two seed-stage startups that are doing well. I can help you do it too. I can tell you how to build what you want, who to hire for your technical team, and how to go from nothing to launching your MVP.

Contact me and describe what you'd like me to help with. I will respond quickly with my rates.


If you have a project that you need fast, high quality execution on, I'm available for freelance Engineering work. I have a wide variety of full stack web engineering experience. Examples of things I can deliver:

  • Build a prototype / MVP of a product from scratch
  • New features for your existing product
  • Analytics
  • Automated tests
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Migration to containers / kubernetes

I bill daily and rates depend on project specifics. Contact me and describe what you need and I'll provide a quick straightforward quote.

Contact me

My email is

Please feel free to email me about anything that I've put out on the web that you'd like to discuss.

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