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I turn ideas into products

Zero to Startup in 10 weeks

I'm running an experiment - I'm going to try to go from nothing but an idea to a product with paying customers in 10 weeks, whilst following YC's Startup School program. I'm blogging the whole process.

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Open source

Author of react-frontload - a library for loading data into React components on both client and server render. Over 250 stars on Github & over 1500 downloads per week on npm.
Contributor to VS Code - Microsoft's open-source code editor. I made a configuration to improve integration with FlowType tooling for Javascript.


If you have a clearly defined project that you need fast, high quality execution on, I am available for freelance Software Engineering work.

Projects I can deliver include building product MVPs from scratch, adding new features to existing products, technical improvements to existing products such as CI / CD pipelines, analytics, React server rendering, automated testing frameworks, containerisation and migration to kubernetes, and much more.

I have a wide variety and depth of web product engineering experience and chances are if you need it done, I've done it before and can help you.

I work remotely, and bill hourly or daily. My rates depend on the specifics of the project. I deliver work to an extremely high bar of quality and pride myself on great communication skills, both of which are key to the success of a software project in my experience. I will gladly supply references which validate this from previous clients of mine, on request.

Please contact me with your proposal and I'll respond quickly with a straightforward quote.


Do you have a product idea but no technical cofounder, and need advice on how to get it built? I can help you.

I've built ideas into Minimum Viable Products and hired technical teams around them at two seed-stage startups. I can help you do it too. I can advise you on how to build what you want, who to hire for your technical team, and how to plan and launch your MVP.

Contact me and describe your idea, current status and what you'd like me to help with. I will respond quickly with my rates. I am open to conversations about cash/equity split for payment under the right circumstances.

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My email is

I'm based in Manchester, UK. If you're here and want to meet for a coffee and talk about tech, get in touch!

Please feel free to email me about anything that I've put out on the web that you'd like to discuss.

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