David Nicholas Williams
I turn ideas into products


  • 10 years building web products & leading engineering teams.
  • Full stack engineering skills: frontend, backend, SQL and devops.
  • Main languages JavaScript & Java.
  • React Specialist.


MSc Computer Science
University of Durham, UK
BSc Computer Science, 1st Class Hons.
University of Durham, UK


MVPerfect, Manchester
March 2018 - present

Independent consultant, specialised in building web products.

Technologies React, NodeJS, Java, Kubernetes
Founding Product Tech Lead
Kynd, London
March 2018 - April 20191 year 2 months

1st employee at this cybersecurity startup, joining the 3 founders just following the seed round (has since grown to ~20 people).

I personally built the first version of the product from scratch, then grew it & hired a team around it over year 1. Acting as a mix of Product Manager & Lead Engineer I worked closely with the founders, heads of Product & Sales to achieve customers & revenue in 9 months.

Technologies React, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes
Product Tech Lead
HeyJobs, Berlin
August 2016 - February 20181 year 7 months

Tech Lead for product in this fast-growing recruitment startup. Joined at seed stage & 20 people (now at $12MM Series A & 100 people). Grew product & team from a prototype to a platform handling > 1 million job applications by year 2.

In year 2 I worked closely with the head of Product to lead development of a new product which let clients manage their own job postings, paving the way for less manual process and new levels of scale.

Technologies React, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Senior Software Engineer
Foodpanda, Berlin
March 2016 - August 20166 months

Joined a talented team at this food delivery startup (later acquired by Delivery Hero) to build an intelligent route planning tool for delivery riders. Delivered the MVP within 6 months and launched on-site in Hong Kong, our biggest market.

This was an internal tool, and whilst intellectually interesting, once the MVP was delivered I took the opportunity to move to HeyJobs to build a customer-facing product from the ground up at a much earlier stage startup, which was more the direction I wanted to go in.

Technologies Java 8 Dropwizard, AngularJS, Postgres, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Here I took a sabbatical year. I lived in Bogotá, Colombia, studied Spanish for 3 months at Javeriana University, travelled extensively in Colombia, and built out some product ideas of my own.

Team Lead
Gamesys, London
March 2014 - February 20151 year

Engineering team lead at this online gaming startup, later acquired by JPJ Group for $500MM. I led a team of 6 engineers building the company's flagship products with millions of DAUs, as well as new experimental products.

Company had 1000 people globally by end of year 3. I learnt a lot about technical leadership & management in a large org. Got experience recruiting at scale in a hot market like London, doing continuous interviews & onboarding of new joiners at all seniority levels.

Introduced to Product Management in this role, guided by experienced Product Owners and acting as their conduit for the engineers on my team, translating product strategy into technical execution.

Technologies Java, NodeJS, React, JavaScript, DB2
Software Engineer
Gamesys, London
August 2012 - March 20141 year 8 months

Joined at 500 people. I did full stack engineering on flagship products with millions of DAUs, and built & launched new products for the US market as part of the company's expansion.

Technologies Java, NodeJS, JavaScript, jQuery, DB2
Software Engineer
Aqulia Heywood, Manchester
October 2010 - July 20121 year 10 months

Software Engineer at this 100 person company building pension management products. Clients were large enterprises, including Shell, AON and the BBC.

Technologies Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Oracle DB